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Flashing Lights Video….Overhyped?

Posted in Room to Vent by Dy Allo on February 22, 2008

I’m hearing alot of banter concerning Kanye west’s latest video release for Flashing Lights. The backpackers are all in a frenzy yapping about how ingenious it is . Personally, im not very impressed with either the video or the song. There’s nothing special visually and the synths are really getting tiring.Many individuals are discussing how kanye has been pushing the envolope with the graphic nature of the video. Well, theres absolutely nothing in that we haven’t seen before ( see videos such as Many men-50 cent for example).

This shows you the rift within hip hop, and the double standards that are still prominent. If a gangster rapper discusses or presents a video that involves violent imagery, he/she is considered to be glorifying these vices. However, when a fruity backpaper, strapped in a luis vuiton belt and pink polo does the exact same thing, it’s considered art? Give me a fucking break. This is just another attempt of passing off mediocrity as intelligence. Now, kanye’s ma dude, but sometimes we need that real talk.

Verdict?: Garbage



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