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Mods Vs. Rockers

Posted in News by Dy Allo on February 27, 2009

Throughout 1960s Britain youth subculture was defined by 2 identities, Mods and Rockers. Mods liked skinny suits, Italian scooters and The Who while the rockers had a proclivity for leather jackets, motorcycles, cafe racers and Elvis. Mods experimented with drugs and alcohol, while Rockers refrained (they lived by their motorcycles, thus needed to be sober at all times). In 1964, riots between both factions broke out in england, notably the south coast, such as Margate, Brighton, Bournemouth and Clacton.

Pop Culture: A Clockwork Orange, Grease, Beatles, TheWho.

The following pics portray the The 1964 clash between Mods and Rockers on Brighton Beach. It inspired the film ‘ Quadrophenia”

the significance of this event: the media overexaggerated the extent to which these two subcultures propagated delinquincy and hooliganism. With the sensationalist nature of media, i’m not surprised. Shit still goes down to this day. Without denying the dangerous nature of the crips and bloods, and other gangs, you start to wonder: are they really as destructive as the media claims them to be?  hmmmm


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