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Madison Avenue Project

Posted in News by Dy Allo on March 25, 2009
via. Adweek
NEW YORK The effort to substantially increase African-American 
representation in the advertising industry has shifted to a client
outreach phase, with the NAACP writing letters to the leaders of 
top-spending advertisers, including Procter & Gamble CEO A.G.

In a letter dated Monday ( READ LETTER), NAACP interim general counsel
Angela Ciccolo asked Lafley to "instruct your advertising agencies to use 
diverse teams in creative and account management positions" and to address
the relative paucity of African-Americans in advertising "as forcefully 
and effectively as its importance to your firm and the nation requires."

The letter further suggests that P&G identify a senior executive to meet
with the NAACP, which is partnering with civil rights law firm Mehri &
Skalet on the diversity initiative, known as the Madison Avenue Project.

The letter includes findings from a previously released report that 
quantifies what initiative leaders describe as wide gaps in representation,
income levels and promotion opportunities between black and white employees
that have existed for decades. The report asserts, for example, that 
entry-level black workers, on average, make 80 cents for every dollar 
earned by their white counterparts, and that based in part on black 
representation in other industries, African-Americans should comprise 
9.6 percent of the industry's U.S workforce of 167,000, not the current 
5.3 percent. 

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