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Kanye Likes Fishsticks: South Park Episode

Posted in News by Dy Allo on April 10, 2009
Possibly one of their best episodes ( right behind scientology spoof).

Synopsis: The plot revolves around a joke that kanye west can't seem to understand. 

“Do you like fish sticks Kanye?”

“Yes, I love them”

“So, you’re a gay fish”

Everyone deduces that "fish sticks" is phonetically similar to "fish dicks". 
It's ironic that the Rapper can't seem to understand a gag based on wordplay, 
a staple part of his art. The episode then follows him on a mission to discover 
the source of his imagined ridicule.
The essence lies in the portrayal of Kanye as a hyperactive egomaniac who is too 
irrational to extrapolate the meaning of three simple lines. Instead, he internalizes 
it into an existential dilemma.

This all about the unchecked ego, and its impacts on an individuals reality. The joke 
is metaphor for kanye. We see him in the same manner that he sees the so called 
"funniest joke in the world."
................. it just doens't make sense.
His ego, his statements pronouncing his "genius" and being the"voice of 
this generation" are words that follow no logical line of thought. But an
 imaginative mind and an inflated sense of self worth lead to a distorted view 
of reality (in the same way Cartman falsely believes himself to be the source of
 such comedic inspiration).

Matt and Trey are arguing that Kanye West, behind the guise of a fragile ego, 
is just....simple.

....i'm sure i didn't draw too much from that episode, lol. 

The detail is impeccable btw.

don c, Taz Arnold, Chris Julian, Kanye, Mr. Bentley @ Paris Fashion Week
picture-8episode here:http://www.mrworldpremiere.net/

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