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Breaking Bad Season 2, Ep. 9, “4 Days Out”

Posted in Television Series by Dy Allo on May 5, 2009


Breaking Bad is an AMC original series that airs Sundays at 10 pm.

Plot Synopsis: Trapped in Desert-Dead battery, (full synopsis click link here)

Plot Analysis:

Walt’s remission is both a gift and a curse. But it’s mostly a curse. The financial benefits of his morally reprehensible acts  provide him with a new lease on life (his drug money pays for his experimental treatment that decreases the cancer mass by 80%). While his wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn) and  son, Walt, Jr. (RJ Mitte) grapple with  the news, Walt is captured in momentary  fear, realizing the grave danger he had now placed himself into. A longer life sentence places him in a moral dillema. Walt was able to rationalize the creation and distrubtion of methanphitamine based on his belief that he would die in the ensuing months. Due to death, drug dealing became luxury he could afford. The benefits greatly outweighed the costs. The amount of income he could generate eclipsed any fear of being caught.  It allowed him to feel no guilt, remorse, pain, and anger. It allowed him to feel that he could bend his moral compass and act with impunity. Now that he may survive, his safehaven, death, may no longer be an option. He’s now faced with the reality of his circumstances.  Cornered on all a sides by policemen and drug dealers alike, he’s overwhelmed and threatened.

“4 days out” is somewhat an extended metaphor for Walt’s predicament.  He’s trapped in desert with no exit strategy. His dead battery is symbol for his terminal lung cancer preventing him from escaping death and isolation. His attempt at building a whole new battery from coins, copper, and electrolytes mirrors his real life use of the experimental treatment to escape his death sentence.

Videography: Very icononic in the use of vistas. Reminds of me an Hunter s. Thompson character on the planet Naboo. Seriously, it reminded me of Fear and loathing. Never read the book, but saw portions of the movie with Johhny Depp.




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